Today I Am A Poet

Therefore am I still a lover of the meadows and the woods

William Wordsworth (Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey)

I love poetry.

Reading it, writing it, even singing it. I started writing poems at a young age, although the poems I wrote then weren’t exactly very good. In my opinion I started writing decent poetry around 2015. I’ve loved reading poem books as long as I can remember. 

Here are a few of my favorite poets: Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost

And here are a few of my favorite poems: The Walrus and the Carpenter(Lewis Carroll), The Road Not Taken(Robert Frost), The Raven(Edgar Allan Poe), Jabberwocky(Lewis Carroll), Because I Could Not Stop For Death(Emily Dickinson)

Now here are some of my own.

A Poem

A poem can start with two rhyming words
Or fly out of a flock of singing birds
A poem may spring from a bunch of flowers
Or creep forth from many empty hours
Inspiration can come at the oddest times
You'll find school papers littered with scribbled rhymes

A poem may come as the sun leaves
Or float to you on a gentle breeze
A poem can start as you watch the rain
Or be revealed by sorrow or pain
Inspiration can come at the oddest times
You'll find school papers littered with scribbled rhymes


Moss on the trees
Mist in the woods
Snow on the hills
Clouds in the sky
Home near by

There's a place I go
To be alone
No one but

It's a place somewhere
Where no one's been
Except of course

It's a beautiful somewhere
But I can't explain
A secret for

I wish I could live
In that place
No one but
My Lullaby

Music, beautiful strong deep
Fills my mind before I sleep
Melodies, sweet bold fair
Drift over waves of evening air

Moon, bright soft clear
Like a friend who is always near
Stars, distant piercing light
Watch me always through the night

Time walks slowly on and on
A second a minute an hour is gone

Not too slow not too fast
A day a week a month has passed

Time's ceaseless march goes on
A year a decade a century is gone

-E.M. Price

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