Paints and Pencils

This is what I do when I’m not writing, eating, or sleeping.


This poem is entitles Night Song, I don’t remember when I wrote it but I painted this in 2017.


This is another three piece painting. It is the same exact design on all three canvases but I arranged the colors differently to make them look like the stages of a flower blooming. 


The Process

I ended up copying this so I had the original plus three extra, that way I could have them all colored and know what I wanted before switching over to the canvases

This next painting is still a work in progress. Here are the drawings I started with.

I didn’t actually think about painting this until over a year after I finished the drawing. I just had a blank canvas sitting around and decided to put this on it.


I’ll start with my most recent drawing.

I often times copy my original drawings before adding color so that if I make a mistake I can start over and so I can compare the two, sometimes I prefer them without color.

These are some older drawings.

-E.M. Price

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