Rhymes With A View

I Asked the Clouds for Rain

 I saw the clouds gathering  
between the hills. And so
I asked a question of them.
I made my request known.

“Oh rain clouds you are far above
the earth. And this I see.
Yet if you hear me would you be
so kind as to rain on me?”

I saw the clouds advancing.
My face upturned so that
if the clouds did hear me
I’d hear their answer back.

And as that first drop fell on me
I heard a voice say “Dear child.
No matter how far up I seem
I answer those who ask.”

I Asked The Clouds For Rain was one of my first poems that I actually really liked, it’s still one of my favorites. I believe I wrote it in 2015 but I didn’t keep rack of things very well at the time. When I think about it 2015 wasn’t really that long ago but I feel like I was a lot younger then.

What Is Life?

A road that we all must travel.
A bubble that someday will pop.
Laughing and weeping,
jumping and sleeping,
sadness and joy
is life.

I think I can say that this is my earliest poem that I still have and don’t think is complete garbage. This was from 2012, so I would have been eleven when I wrote it. This poem has sentimental value because one of my uncles is a composer and he made it into a song.


I love the sound of falling rain
And watching it roll down the window pane
I see the clouds and they are proof
Rain will soon drum on the roof

The air is fresh when the rain has gone
The birds sing an even sweeter song
The clouds part to reveal the sun
The sun smiles at what the rain has done

The sky more blue the grass more green
What a beautiful sight the sun is seeing
Nature smiles and so do I
Gazing at the hills I can’t help but sigh
Last Night’s Rain

The ground is wet
The trees still drip
The scent of rain is in the air
Although it came and went last night
I see that is was here.

As you can see I like writing about rain.

A Snowflakes Journey

Slowly falling
the world is a beautiful sight.
Quickly rushing
the wind puts up a fight.
Silently lying
I look at the stars and sigh.
Quietly melting
I must say good bye.
Notes To Nature

Dear Snow,
How do you do?
How do you fall so gently?
Dear Wind,
How do you do?
How do you blow so fiercely?
Dear Snow,
Is it too cold?
Is it warm enough when you’re drifting?
Dear Wind,
Is it too hard?
Is it hard always pushing?
Dear Sky,
How are you?
How does the world look from up there?
Dear Cloud,
How are you?
How does it feel to float on the air?
Dear Sky,
Is it sometimes sad?
Do you sometimes wish to be closer?
Dear Cloud,
Is it sometimes boring?
Do you sometimes try to anger Thunder?

Nature is definitely something I write about a lot. I’ve lived in the country most of my life and have always loved it.

Since I’m talking about nature and inspiration I might as well show you a little bit of what I’m talking about. So, here are some pictures taken right around my house. This is what I get to look at all the time. The first two are pretty much what I see when I look out the window from the main room.

I love sunsets, they can be so different so I’ll show you a couple pictures. I can see these from my font door, although I have a special spot were I usually sit and watch the sunset.

Around the back of my house I can see a perfect sun rise, but I rarely wake up early enough to see it.

Just one more. Here the sun is just rising so it hasn’t reached the mist between the hills.

I really love mist and fog, as long as I’m not driving in it, so this picture always makes me happy. Seeing it in person is always better of course but now you have an idea of where I get my inspiration for any nature related poems or writing.


-E.M. Price

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