In Person

 I don’t draw realistic looking people. And because drawing faces is hard, and I’m lazy, I started just drawing faceless people and trying to convey different emotions without face expressions.  I originally got the idea of faceless people from Willow Tree Figurines.

I’d seen these figurines  different places and they always caught my attention. They are so simple but they each communicate something.

I’ve gathered all my drawings of people for you to see, you’ve already seen a few of these in my posts From A Dreamer and Paints And Pencils. It’s mostly people but I’m including a few drawings of hands as well.



I used permanent marker for all the coloring on these except the skin, the skin is colored pencil. The marker that I used for the jacket was running out of ink which gaves it kind of an interesting texture. I liked the way it looked here so it became sort of the style for all of these types of drawings when I was coloring them.

I wish I’d remembered to copy the sketch of this one before adding color.


I never really finished this because I like the look of it as it is.

These are probably the only realistic drawings I have. I haven’t tried again since because I don’t want to take the time to make anything look good.

This is a character in a book that one of my friends is writing. As you can see I purposefully covered her face because I can’t draw faces.



-E.M. Price

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