Some Poetry

I don’t stick to one style of poetry. I tend to jump around from this to that. If I feel like rhyming, I rhyme, if there is a very particular idea I want to get across  I sometimes don’t bother with rhyming because it would get in the way.

I have a bad habit of doing whatever I feel like doing and ignoring all the rules. In this case I suppose it doesn’t cause much of a problem. In school… let’s just say, yes, it was a problem. But what does that have to do with poetry?

Now without further ado, here are some poems for you to read.

The Dew

The dew balances on the spider’s web
It clings to a blade of grass
It rests in the flowers petals
And hides from the rising sun
Thoughts In The Afternoon

I’m sitting under the trees
The branches are covered with newly born leaves
The sun shines bright high in the sky
A bird soars by and I wish I could fly
The grass is tickling my bare feet
The warmth of the day makes me want to sleep
The air is fresh and smells of flowers
I could go on sitting here for hours
Pencil and paper sit idly near
What a beautiful view I have from here
I feel as though I should write a poem
Perhaps I’ll write one as I walk home
The Music of Spring

Have you ever heard the music of spring
When the sun comes out and the birds all sing
When looking up from their bed of grass
The flowers sing out “We’re here at last”
When the breeze comes and begins a song
And the flowers dance and sing along
When birds and trees and grass join in
The marvelous dance is about to begin
All of nature joins the dance
Even bugs and beetles take the chance
To join in the music of spring
Listen and you’ll hear them sing

Why are my tears so hard to find
Other’s come easily so why won’t mine
It’s as if some how deep inside
I told my tears they had to hide
And now even when I try
I find it’s always hard to cry
Even when I wish the tears would flow
They hold on tight and won’t let go
My tears are hiding out of sight
To bring them out I have to fight
But the fight is hard and I’m not strong
So my tears are gone again before long

What is life without music?
Music can say what words cannot.
Music lives and breathes and talks.
A simple melody can say
all your troubles are far away.

What is life without music?
Music can explain a complex thought.
Music lives and breathes and talks.
A simple melody can say
dance and shout for joy today.

What is life without music? 

Hiding in a tree
don’t look for me.
Sitting comfortably
keep your distance please.

Safe in a tree
no one can see me.
Watching comfortably
all that I can see.

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