Let Me Rhyme Again

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.

T. S. Eliot
Night Song 

Steady strong
Sweet song
Dance through the night
As stars shine bright

Soft fair
Sweet air
Gown of flowers
I’ll dance for hours

Gentle low
Sweet slow
Moon descends
And dancing ends

Writing is how I escape
Writing is how I survive
Pouring my emotions out on paper
Is what keeps me alive

Writing gives me life
Writing gives me peace
When translating pictures into words
All my troubles cease

This is who I am
This is who I’ll be
Push me or pull me wherever you like
I’ll just come back to being me

Now I’ve told you who I am
And I’ve told you who I’ll be
If you don’t believe me
That’s fine just wait and see
My Lullaby 

Music, beautiful strong deep
Fills my mind before I sleep
Melodies, sweet, bold, fair
Drift over waves of evening air

Moon, bright soft clear
Like a friend who is always near
Stars, distant piercing light
Watch me always through the night
 Behind a  Mask 

Tears behind a mask
Never to be seen
Pain is never shared
Life looks smooth and clean

Don’t let the mask slip
They’ll see it’s not true
The one they think they know
Isn’t really you

Fear don’t show yourself
Pain hide deep inside
Anger push under the surface
All feelings must hide
 Writing By Candle Light 

Early morning
Not yet dawn
Writing by candle light

House is quiet
Everything sleeps
Awake in the dead of night

Flame flickers
Shadows tremble
Writing by candle light

Starless night
Cold wind
Awake in the dead of night  
 The Candle 

Flicker, flicker
Dip, wave
The candle is good company

Flicker, flicker
Rise, fall
My friend cannot keep still
 Far From The Light 

I am far from the light
I call for your help
Yet you come and I fight


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