Friends and Fantasies

Lately I’ve had a minor case of writers block, I was able to write a poem a few nights ago though, so perhaps I’ll be able to write something else soon. For now I’m just going through my poetry roughly in order from oldest to newest, so you won’t get to see my new poems until you get caught up on all of my old ones. I haven’t written thousands of them so it shouldn’t take too long.



How old are you? How old am I?

I can’t help but think we’re the same age. 

You follow me. I follow you. 

Whichever it is we’re on the same page.

You hide with me. I hide with you.

The corner we think best is the same. 

You laugh at me. I laugh at you.

We don’t cares if our jokes are lame.
Making School Into Poetry

Her task was to write ten sentences.

She knows writing for school is not fun.

When she finishes five more sentences,

her task is nearly done.

Writing sentences can be enjoyable

if she makes them rhyme.

She wants to write a better poem.

She will write it some other time.

After she is finished with school,

she will do more interesting things.

She wishes to fly but she can’t

because she has no wings.

Since she only has two sentences left,

she can now end her poem.

She wishes she was a bird

so she could fly home.
Sing Me Our Song

I used to laugh with the stars

I used to talk to the moon

I used to dance with the wind

And we would hum a sweet tune

I used to look up at night

And see the stars in the sky

Free from the lights of the city

I thought I could fly

I used to sing with the rain 

I knew the clouds all by name

I used to dance in the storm 

As if life was a game

I used to think to myself

No one can take this away

So I was not prepared

For what they told me that day

I forgot that home changes

I forgot time goes on

A perfect moment is here

And just like that it’s gone

Don’t forget me dear moon

Wind remember our song

I’ll return to my home

I pray that it won’t be long

Remember dancing with me

Remember singing all day

When I come back to you

No one will pull me away

I’ll laugh again with the stars

I’ll talk once more to the moon

And I will sing with the wind

If she remembers our tune

Memories will flood back

And my heart will be free

Then my soul will take flight

 This is where I’m meant to be

Nothing will stand in our way

I will take natures hand

And for the rest of my life

Together we’ll stand

Death is nothing to fear

Life lasts only so long

As I take my last breaths

Nature sing me our song
My Friends

My friend is always near

When the grass sways

I know she’s here

Gentle and fierce, her name is Wind

My friend is quiet and kind

At night I find him

And can speak my mind

A light in the darkness, his name is Moon

My friend is cold and sweet

I thank her for coming

Each time we meet 

Harsh and refreshing, her name is Rain

My friends are dramatic and loud

I see light and hear grumbling

As they fight in a cloud 

Fireworks of heaven, they are Thunder and Lightning

My friends are energetic and bright 

We laugh together 

When we meet at night

Too many to name, they are the Stars

My friends soar through the air

They are happy and gentle

When the weather is fair

Rain goes nowhere without them, they are the Clouds

Play for me sister 

When your fingers touch the keys

My heart takes flight

Soaring on sweet melodies

Play for me brother

Let music fill the air 

If you add a voice

They’ll make a lovely pair

Play for me father 

Memories will flood my mind

Thinking of the past

I’ll leave reality behind

Play for me friend 

Let troubles drift far away

Notes clear and sweet

Song ends but memories stay

-E.M. Price

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