I Remember You

I temporarily overcame my writers block and wrote this short piece. It’s dedicated to many, many special individuals who I’ve had the privilege of knowing throughout my life.

I Remember You

I feel pain.

A steady pulsing pain that won’t go away.

I didn’t bleed. I have no scars. I can’t really say it was a wound. Yet this pain is persistent.

I miss you.

I wish what’s past could be the future and the future would repeat what’s past.

I want to relive all those moments. It hurts when I remember how happy we were, but I can’t stop remembering.

I miss you.

I miss being side by side.

I miss the friendship we had, and I know it’s not gone, but we can never get those days back. It will never be exactly the same, and that should comfort me, because there where hard days. There were days when I cried. But we made it through those days together. That’s what I miss.

I’ve missed you.

I miss you.

I’ll miss you.

I know our friendship isn’t ended. I know you’re not gone forever. We can still grow closer even though you’re farther away, but I also know that a part of me will always miss how it was. And no matter what, a part of me will always miss you.

I feel pain.

But don’t worry.

I don’t mind so much.

When I feel that steady pulse of pain deep inside me… I remember all those beautiful memories… and I remember you.

-E.M. Price

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