Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Hello everyone,
This is going to a different sort of post so just to warn you I have no new writing and you don’t get to read any poems but PLEASE, please, continue reading because I’m writing this to draw attention to a very good friend of mine, Caleb E. King, who I’ve know as long as I can remember. He is getting ready to publish a novel!!! So while I can’t say “Go read his novel that he hasn’t published yet.” I can say “Go read his blog!!!”.
Caleb E. King – A Young Writers Blog    https://calebeking.wordpress.com/
No one starts out as an award winning author, and some of us never will be, but there’s no way to even get close to that unless writers have support, advice, and people to read what they write.
So help a friend out!
How hard is it to click on a link and read a couple posts? And while you’re reading… how hard is it to think of a few tips or encouraging words to help a young writer become a great writer?

I’d like to say Thank You to all of you who read my posts, because what’s the point of writing things that no one reads?

Now, I’m not saying no one is reading my friends writing. People are reading it, and that’s wonderful, but a few more readers never hurt any one.

So if you are a writer: support a fellow writer who might in turn support you.
If you are a reader: what better opportunity to read more?!
If you are any kind of artist: support art.


Caleb’s blog is entertaining and funny and has some great ideas. Most importantly: He’s learning, and he’s doing a good job.
Everyone has to start somewhere. And I personally think he’s got a great start.

-E.M. Price

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