Idleness And Other Short Poems

I’ve been a little busy lately but at the moment I’m free of all the craziness, so… here are some poems. I’m still going roughly from oldest to newest. These poems were written around the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.


A drip of wax
rolls down a candle.
Hung on two tacks
is Is a work of art.

On a shelf of nick-knacks
is an old paint brush.
A book of facts
lays open on a table.
There Is Light 

There is light
but I can hardly see it
if I fight perhaps
I can reach it
Set Me Free 

Set me free
Carry me across the sea
Into A fantasy

Let me go
I'll disappear beyond the snow
No one will ever know

Set me free
Take me away from reality
Where they can't find me

Let me go
I'll follow rivers wherever they flow
Mountains high and valleys low

How do you write a feeling
How do you find meaning
How do you stop a drop of rain
How do you forget pain


Winter has made what others cannot
A gown without a single knot
A seam a crease cannot be found
There are none whom it does not astound
Winters fabric is clear and light
The sun looks upon it so beautiful and bright
The gown is laid out across the land
Such a thing cannot be made by any mortals hand
Made of crystals it seems to be
For it shines as the sun in the sea

There are words written here
That you cannot see
There are memories trapped here
That belong only to me
There are melodies drifting here
That will never again be
Still Home 

This house is still home
The step on the ladder still creaks
The the pipe under the sink still leaks

This house is still home
In the garden there are still flowers
Mum used to weed there for hours
I Don't Know

I don't know who I am
So how can anyone know me
I don't know where I am
So how can anyone find me

Melodies are bittersweet
Notes don't last forever
Songs grow old
Some we don't remember

Memories are bittersweet
Moments don't last forever
We can't go back
We can only remember

Notes are bittersweet
Breath doesn't last forever
Voices fade
Until you barely remember

-E.M. Price

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