Poetry, That’s All


Some pain never leaves
Scars will always remain
Though years will pass
You will still feel pain

Some pain never leaves
It burrows deep inside
You must move forward
Don’t let yourself hide

Some pain never leaves
Your life can’t be the same
But don’t stop living
Just to escape the pain

Some pain never leaves
Some wounds never heal
Don’t put on the mask
Don’t pretend you don’t feel

Beauty Of the Stars

If there was no darkness
If there was no night
You wouldn’t know the beauty of the stars
You wouldn’t know the moon’s light

But constant darkness
And absence of light
Would turn the stars sharp and cold as ice
Would drown hope in eternal night

Wind in the trees
quiet howl
sings me to sleep

Wind through the grass
hushed lullaby
flutters through my dreams

Wind on my face
gentle caress
the sweetest goodnight kiss
Give Me A Star 

Give me a star to wish on
Give me a dream to hope for
Show me a path to follow
Show me a door that’s not closed

Why can’t the stars be closer
Why can’t my dreams be real
Should the path be clearer
Should all these doors stay closed

What if I forgot the notes
And my melodies were wrong
If my fingers became stiff
How would I play my song

What if I ran out of notes
And my melodies died
If my music became mute
Where would my emotions hide

-E.M. Price

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