I sometimes have a sudden urge to write a story. The problem is I am horrible at writing stories. Well, I’ve never actually finished a story that’s more than a page long, but doesn’t that sort of prove my point?

The only stories I’ve finished are from when I was about ten. There are(or were, I have no idea where they are now) maybe three of these “stories” that I used to be very proud of. I made my poor family read them all. These early “stories” of mine were all about a paragraph or two long and had pretty much nothing interesting in them. There is only so much you can fit in a few sentences and I did not have the skill to write anything good at that time.

I suppose it is best to leave the past in the past now and move on to all the many stories that I’m writing in the present with my much greater writing skills.

Here is where we have a problem. I haven’t finished any stories in my recent years. What’s more, I haven’t exactly started any stories either. Now I should clarify, when I say story I’m not counting any of the story-ish things that I’ve posted recently. Because to me those are almost more like parts of a story. They are fragments of my brain, not a complete thought. The only story I have presently is one I started in 2012. Now as cool as it sounds to say I’ve been working on something for that long it is actually just sad, because I’ve barely made any progress on it. The only parts of the story that I’ve written are random scenes that will probably be somewhere in the middle of the book, so they fit more into the category of the things I’ve posted here, they are pieces of something. Whether any of these will ever be put into their “stories” is another question.

So when I have the urge to write it usually results in a blank piece of paper staying blank. Or on occasion I end up writing a poem. Poetry is definitely the easiest form of writing for me. Not that I can just sit down and write fifty poems any time I want, I still get writers block, but I’ve been writing poetry more consistently through the years. I’ve kept up on it a lot better than I’ve kept up on writing stories or things like that.

Poetry is very special to me. I think my first good writing was probably in the form of poetry. As much as I love the idea of writing stories I’m just not good at coming up with ideas, or if I come up with an idea I don’t know how to write it. But I have written a lot of different styles of poems over the years. And I’ve written poems about a lot of different things. I want to push myself to write more, and write things other than poetry. But I am a poet, so I will rhyme when I don’t know what else to do.

At the end of the day I am a poet and a writer. But poetry is my first language, and writing is the translation.

I am a dreamer.

A writer.

A painter.

And a poet.

My art is my self portrait, my autobiography.

“If I don’t make sense, If my rhymes don’t rhyme, If what I write bores you, Don’t waste your time.” 

-E.M. Price